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We are a creative mission-driven business that believes in the impact of storytelling and cares about the story your events, media and content are telling. Our passion is to make the creative and planning process SIMPLE for you by designing custom interactions and experiences that will make your story stand out in a media-driven world.


Meet Our Founder

After a decade of helping organizations curate experiences and interactions that moved their audience to action, we knew that we'd found our purpose. We exist to make meaningful stories stand out through the creation of custom events, media creation, and messaging consulting. 


Simply Storied Media was formed at the intersections of our own entrepreneurship and compassion. Our founder, Brook Jackson spent the first decade of her career volunteering after hours to give noble organizations the media credibility they needed to have a stronger digital voice. After much prayer, preparation, and years of seeing firsthand how providing over the top service impacted so many organizations, Brook knew that the purpose of Simply Storied Media was going to be something special.

We want to see you WIN, so WE CARE about the things YOU CARE about...and then come up with solutions that allow others to experience your story, all while keeping it simple for you.


We want to help you reach the mission that you've set out to achieve. We are passionate about serving others and demonstrating integrity, quality, and innovation throughout the creative process.

We pride ourselves on bringing the highest level of excellence into every aspect of advancing your message. We believe that bringing fun, simplicity, honesty, and some wonder and magic is what sets us apart. 


Our mission is to tell your story through custom events, competitive media & marketing so that more people get to experience your organization, and we do that all through a relationship that promotes integrity, kindness, and results.

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